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How long will it take to translate my document/s?

Your customized quote will tell you how long. Short documents may be completed in as little as 24 hours. If you need the document any sooner, please request RUSH service. The document will be emailed and then mailed to your address by USPS priority service.

Do you have expedited/rush service available?

Yes. If you need your document sooner than the estimated completion date provided by us, you can request our rush service. There is a 20% rush service fee.

How will I get my translation?

You will get the translation first by email by the completion date provided by us. You will also receive the original “Certificate of Accuracy” and translation by insured USPS priority mail. A tracking number will be provided along with the electronic version of the translation. Mail expected delivery times varies between 2 and 4 days depending on your location. The translation will be mailed from Miami, Florida.

Do you charge extra for a notarized certification?

No. All translations are accompanied by a notarized certificate which is scanned and emailed as well as mailed to any address of your choice. Mailing within the US is included.

Are your translations done by humans or computers?

Every translation is completed by a professional translator and reviewed by an editor and/or proofreader.

How is my price calculated?

Some languages take up more space (are longer) than other languages. Spanish for example is approximately 15% longer than English. We will estimate the word count in the longer of the two languages and use that as your total number of words. Your price is based on the number of words in the longest language of the language pair. Your quoted price will not change even if the final translation ends up being longer than expected.

Will my translation be certified?

Yes. Every translation will be issued a notarized Certificate of Accuracy that can be presented to the courts or government agencies. See a sample certificate here.

Can you apostille the translation?

Some documents to be used in countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention may require an apostilled certificate. The notarized Certificate of Accuracy, not the translation, may be apostilled by the Florida Department of State for a small fee, for more info go to and click on “Apostilles”. We currently do not process apostilles for you.

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